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Icom IC-FR4000 power output



I'm not sure if I have a bad power meter, my repeater is going bad or what is going on but my FR4000 is initially showing around 60 watts out of the duplexer when first receiving a signal and drops to mid 40's within a few seconds as the conversation continues. It doesn't happen all of the time, sometimes it will be at a normal 41 watts or so after the duplexer. I only have the one meter for now, so can't check using another. I was just wondering if this could be a sign that the repeater is on its last leg and about to die. Oh, the output power of the FR4000 is rated at 50 watts (high pwr)






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38 minutes ago, gortex2 said:

I would find another meter. My FR4000 is consistent at 46-50 watts on my LMR service monitor and Bird Watt Meter. 

I was thinking that too. I'd love to find a good used Bird at a decent price. When I first bought the FR4000 is was right in that range you mentioned so hopefully it is the meter and not my repeater. If it's the repeater, then it probably isn't long for this world

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ok, so I think it's the radio and not the meter , so that kind of sucks. I guess I can go into the settings and lower the output power? I checked it on a couple other radios and the output power was right where it should be. These 2 photos are my Motorola GR500 repeater, on low power and high power, out of the built-in flat pack duplexer





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