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Soon to be another GRMS'er in the Hawaiian Islands


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Good Afternoon,  Tomorrow I will be receiving the Midland GXT1000VP4 (3-pack walkie-talkies) and then next week the Midland MXT575 MicroMobile arrives.  Hopefully I find this equipment useful for the family commuting and communicating around Oahu.

My next project will be investing in a GMRS repeater of some sort in the Wahiawa Heights area.

Hoping to meet enthusiastic folks in the near future,




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Congrats on your new purchases.  Keep in mind those HT's (GXT1000VP4) are not repeater-capable, only simplex communications (and their range is vastly overstated).  However the MXT575 will have no problem with repeaters, just get a good antenna for it (either base or mobile, however you plan to use it).

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12 minutes ago, WRYQ685 said:

Thanks, most likely return them and look for a Baofeng UV5 or similar

In my humble opinion, for what it's worth, after owning a pair of GXT1000VP4s that thankfully I got at a thrift shop, a pair of Baofeng UV-82s and a pair of UV-5Rs, I found the Baofengs to be superior. Other folks may or may not agree. No doubt you'll hear from them too.

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1 hour ago, WRYQ274 said:

Just got my Gmrs license. Looking into handle stuff first.  Was looking at the GMRS pro. Then maybe get one for my suv. Anyone have or tired the GMRS pro?  Also anymore GMRS guys in Oahu ?

Here’s the search results showing the threads that discussed the GMRS Pro:

https://forums.mygmrs.com/search/?&q=“GMRS Pro”&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles

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Welcome to the forum @WRYQ685 and @WRYQ274 👋😀

When you go to the map page click on the little gear in the upper left hand corner and select stale and offline repeaters. Frequently when a repeater owner hasn’t updated their info to the site their repeater will fall off the map into the stale category but will still be available. It looks like there are several more repeaters on the island and some open with great coverage. Aloha.

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