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Hi there 
I'm New to GMRS and just got my license a few days ago 
I was Given a Baofeng UV-5RA and a Baofeng UV10R For My Birthday back in November
But still have no idea how to set them to the Club's Repeaters 
I live in the Bronx and I'm willing to come to the Club house To learn what I can



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1st Post!

Hey guys, so I recently picked up a TIDRADIO H8 GMRS (Gen 2) and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to program Bronx 625 into it..

Transmit (TX): 466.6250 MHz / DPL: 654
Receive (RX): 462.6250 MHz / DPL: 261

The transmit options I get all start with 476.xxxxx in both CHIRP and ODMaster.



In CHIRP I changed the Duplex to Split and was able to add a TX frequency but it won't allow 466 it changes it to 467. On my Baofeng 466 works just fine as an entry.

When I read the TIDRadio device in ODMaster (after programming in CHIRP) the TX frequency is just 462.6250... I dont understand what im doing wrong.


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Hello, new member here.

I programmed my radio (Wouxon 905g) to hit the Bronx repeater. I tried for a radio check multiple times without hearing anything back. Not sure if I am not hitting the repear from my location or it's something else.

Is there a way to first check if I am hitting the repeater well?

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Hi WRUP348 / Luish19779 - I have a Motorola XTL 5000. Which I had programmed with 462.625 / 467.625 and the correct DPL tones when I bought it. Is there anyone in the club that can assist me with re-programming the correct Transmit Frequency into this radio for Bronx 625? I am happy to come to you with the radio. Thank you - WRXD992

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3 hours ago, WSBT254 said:

Hi everyone, New here and looking for help to program this repeater to my new uv 5g plus gmrs radio. not sure what im doing wrong but not getting any results.

Hey. I'm also new and have been trying to get some help with my Tidradio TD-H8 GMRS. It doesn't seem like the main members check this forum. I posted a while ago and even sent an email to: 


I haven't received a reply. I got scolded last week while trying different settings and requesting a radio check! Lol. Seems like I can hit the repeater but no one can hear me. 

Good luck! Keep us posted here if you have any success 

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