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Always check your coax and antenna before transmitting...



I put up an antenna in the attic today and while trying to hit the local repeater a few moments ago, the smoke monster escaped the radio and now the whole house smells of toasted electronics. 

I guess there is a short in that antenna system...

It was a nice Kenwood TK-8160H.  😞



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22 minutes ago, WRYZ926 said:

That is a bummer that you had a smoke leak in your radio. Did mice or them evil squirrels hell bent on world domination decide to chew on your cables?


Not 100% sure.   Need to inspect the cable.  It might have been damaged (I did reuse the cable).   Next weekend, I will pull the antenna and the cable to see what the problem is.   I really liked that radio too.

It power on but no more transmit.  Might this be the receive side of a future repeater?


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Could it be that the FCC enforcement agents sent electro-magnetic death-rays on account that the radio is not type approved for the service you intended to use -- where is my tin foil hat ?!?


Honestly sorry that this happend to you -- hope you can get rid of that smell !! - - many moons ago, my computer (memory module) bekame a smoke coud and that smell lingered on and on ...

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Cleaning the circuit board with denatured alcohol will help with the smell and allow you to better see what you toasted, although the damage in the picture is pretty severe.

Did the antenna contact a power source?
Did you have the output power turned down for preliminary testing? Bummer. Sorry it happened. 

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