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Does anyone have any experience with the subject radio.  I just acquired my first FPP XTS5000 radio just to see if I would like it or not and try to master the programming of this radio.  It is definitely a different animal.  Is it normal for the first seventeen Conventional Personalities be hard program whereas you can only change a couple of the settings like power setting Analog or Astro Digital, Scan List, etc.?

Also, you can not change the change the conventional personalities in Zone 1 and they are hard programmed personalities 1 through 16 for each of the 16 channels.  In addition, you can not insert channels or zones except for at the end nor can you move any channel or zone around.

I haven't learned how to do the FPP yet and I'm not sure that it is a big deal for me to FPP.  I have well over 500 channels programmed in 35 zones that very well meets my needs for not only GMRS but also my Part 90 freqs as well.

I think the FPP feature on this radio not only limits my ability to amend the data my moving things around and insert as I please but I think the FPP feature is over rated.  I prefer that I have the ability to amend (insert and/or move) the data in the Zone Assignments more than having the ability to FPP the radio.

Is it normal for the 16 fixed personalities be like that in the first Zone?

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Nor really answering the question.

I do have an xts5000 that was converted to model 3 from model 2. Never reprogrammed it, because one can not simply copy the old plug.

On my Harris xg100p. I can't move personalities. I can change about everything about the personality.

But moving personalities from one zone to another without a cps kinda goes a bit against how part 90 was designed imo. Part 90 radios weren't designed for radio people, more for non radio people to use under a broader license of an entity. So it could be managed by an administrator.

He'll even my anytone at878 uvii + which is part 90 type accepted. Even in amateur mode doesn't let you move personalities in zones. Fpp not really even available when set to part 90 mode. They do have a mode that allows some fpp in part 90 mode, that is still very limited.

For me It was more to change tones. I have different zones, for the p25 and ham stuff.

Is there a reason you are moving personalities from one zone to another?

The xg100p works off a mission plans, all radios need to have that feature. I thing the apx series from motorola is more in line with the xg100p.

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OK, FPP and the XTS5K.

First thing is defining what you want to do with it.   And how you want it to lay out. 

You can 'assign' some number of zones in the radio that are FPP and others that are non-FPP that you would program with a computer.  The first thing to know is don't screw with the personalities assigned to the FPP channels.  Each FPP channel has a specific personality assigned to it.  If you mess with those, the channel will no longer function with FPP.

So figure out how you want the radio laid out.  FPP is cool and all to add channels on the fly, but 15 zones of it is a bit much.  You can program the radio with standard software with FPP.  But as mentioned there are restrictions to having FPP in the radio.  The biggest being EVERYTHING in the radio has to be conventional.

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17 of the conventional personalities are dedicated to FPP. You can change the freqs and tones in the one dedicated FPP Zone (Zone #1) and that is essentially it. From Conventional Personality 18 and Zone Assignment #2 you can custom program your heart out with CPS.

Also, the FPP radio will not let the CPS to move channels around or insert in between channels in the same Zone and you can't move (reorder) the Zones up or Down, in your Zone List. The only insert you can do is "At the End". You can delete multiple channels in a non-FPP Zone, and you can delete a Non-FPP Zone but there are extra steps in the deleting process.

Thank God you can use your existing Channel Picklist.

Maybe someday, I will get lucky and be able to clone at least one radio instead of developing a new codeplug file for the newly acquired radio. With 10 XTS5000 radios I have to have 10 different codeplug files.

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