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MURS AM Radios?

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§ 95.2771 MURS emission types.

A MURS transmitter must transmit only emission types A1D, A2B, A2D, A3E, F2B, F1D, F2D, F3E, and G3E. Emission types A3E, F3E and G3E may include selective calling or tone-operated squelch tones to establish or continue voice communications. MURS transmitters are prohibited from transmitting in the continuous carrier mode.


... however, it seems to be permissible to use MURS for AM speech communication (A3E) -- it might just be some use case without a market ...



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1 hour ago, Borage257 said:

Those designations include data too if I understand it correctly 


§ 95.2731 Permissible MURS uses.

The operator of a MURS station may use it for the purposes listed in this section. 

(a) MURS stations may be used to transmit voice, data or image signals. 

(b) MURS stations may be used for telecommand and telemetry functions. 



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