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Baofeng UV-82HP



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I have 4 UV82's and 1 UV82 HP.  I rather like the HP.  Have not paired it with the 15.6" antenna yet, but, from the 2nd floor of my house, I am able to hit a local repeater about 8-10 miles distant, and this is in a built up suburban area.  Otherwise, when my son and I use the radios for when we are out doing our photography thing, I can get about 2 to 2.5 miles in this same area.  When we are in a rural area, the range is closer to 4-5 miles. 


I am ordering another UV82 HP (Blue) in the next week or so. 

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I've purchased over 50 of the UV-82C (FCC approved commercial) units for a school system that has multiple frequencies in both VHF and UHF..

In the year they've been deployed I had one DOA radio out of the box (easily returned through Amazon), 1 battery go DOA after a few months, and 2 chargers break do to user error (they are cheap).

The receivers are prone to random noise in VHF but are quiet in UHF. They have worked out well with few complaints.


AFAIK, the only difference in the "C" model, is the keypad can be disabled in the CPS to prevent random frequency changes by the end user.

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Hello all,


WRAQ769 here and I thought just to wake everyone up I would make my first post into an old, outdated thread just to work on my typing skills! LOL... I'm disabled and type via the one handed "Hunt and Peck" method. I'm sure that this thread being as old as it is, nothing that I post here will ne of any importance or earth shaking news of any sort.


The UV-82HP is what I like to call a true "Hybrid", a best of both worlds to speak between the UV-5 series and the UV-82 series. JIMDOC asked what the major differences were between the UV-82C and the UV-82HP? The MAJOR difference is the Tri-Power ability of the UV-82HP, and for the FCC fans (supporters) the UV-82C is is FCC Part 90 compliant due to its ability to Transmit on Narrowband (12.5kHz) and Wideband (25kHz). And if my old tired memory serves me right, I believe that it is / was the only Baofeng model to have that illustrious distinction. I could be wrong, at least my wife says I'm wrong pretty much all of the time! My wife and I both use the UV-82 HP for monitoring local HAM chatter around our area (while we are studying to get or "Technicians class ticket and we use our GMRS-V1's for chatting from our local race car track to our base / mobile units because cell phone coverage is non-existent down in that bowl of a valley. I thought about programming the UV-82HP's to use on the GMRS / FRS (thus eliminating the need for the GMRS-V1 units BUT because the UV-82HP are NOT FCC certified for that use (the GMRS-V1's are FCC certified (Part 95A) for use on GMRS frequencies, AND the GMRS-V1 is also FCC certified for VHF/UHF scanning capabilities (Part 15B)...) we opted to get the GMRS-V1 units just to be on the safe side! I truly don't know why I was concerned with being "LEGAL" if the FCC's eyes because I've been a mavrick of non-compliance almost all of my life! Go figure, it must be old age catching up with me...


We love the UV-82 series over the UV-5 series radios that we have tried just because it feels better in our hands. Some say it's too small but we think it's JUST RIGHT! Plus we liked the ability ot get the UV-82's in some other colors rather then just the standard "BLACK" option. I went with the "Camo" unit and my wife went with the "YELLOW" unit because she is a Paramedic" and the yellow case stands out like nobodies business wherever she chooses to set it down. They FEEL sturdier (build wise) than the UV-5 units. I have drop tested my UV-82HP unit "AT LEAST" 20 times (remember, I'm disabled) and other than a few cosmetic scratches on the battery shell the UV-82HP continues to work perfectly, the battery life is extremely acceptable for our current usage and when tested with the upgraded genuine dual band "NAGOYA NA-717" Antenna, she has NO ISSUES reaching out to key up one of our local repeaters 12 miles away on "LOW" power.


Well, enough for my first post to the group. I am mostly a "lerker", I like to hangout in the corner and just listen and learn. But I have been know to speak up and stir the pot every once in awhile! Thanks for adding me to the group and I look forward to getting more involved in this radio addiction as time goes on. 




bulldog89801 (a.k.a. Bill)


Elko, Nevada

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