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Can't edit my post


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Rich, I can't edit Post #7 at https://forums.mygmrs.com/topic/644-midland-t-71/

Depending upon the browser, I receive one of the following error messages in a pop-up box.

TypeError: ipb.textEditor.getEditor("edit-" + postid) is undefined

TypeError: Cannot convert 'ipb.textEditor.getEditor('edit-'+postid)' to object

Also, clicking the "Use Full Editor" button results in nothing happening.

Tried changing to the "IP Board Mobile" theme but no 'Report' or 'Edit' buttons appear when I do.

I'm trying to edit my post because the board messed up my original post badly. There are no blank lines between paragraphs and links are invalid due to placement of the opening and closing tags.

Hope that this can be fixed. Id so, I'll go in and correct the post, else if you want, just delete it and I'll repost it when the problem is resolved. Note that I always visit the board with my browser's cache cleared, so there's nothing left over from a prior visit.

Thanks very much!


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