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Midland T-71


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bud, also in the bubble-pack category, and for less than $100 for a pair, you could maybe consider the Motorola (although not actually made by them) MS355R.


They're repeater capable.


MS355R Specs:



$84.99 per pair at Bay Two Way Radios



Or for $10 less, and still repeater capable, consider the MS350R.


MS350R Specs:



$74.99 per pair at Bay Two Way Radios






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bud, sorry but I don't own either of the Motorola models that I mentioned. I brought them up because they're inexpensive at under $100 for a pair, are genuine Part 95a products, and support repeater use.


Personally, I own a pair of Wouxun Part 90 portables (KG-UV6D V2) and use them for the GMRS.


Those two Motorola radios are probably okay for the price, but I wouldn't expect them to be the most durable radios made, although if forced to choose between one of those Motorola models and the Midland, I would opt for either of the Motorolas because of the repeater capability.



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I'm happy with the KG-UV6D V2 radios. Wouxun has come out with newer models since I purchased them a few years ago, but I haven't felt a strong need to upgrade. As to durability, one of them, which gets very little use, is still like new in every way. The other one, which gets a fair amount of use, and has been dropped three times, has a rotary encoder that skips, so I now use the Up/Down buttons exclusively on that one. I do miss use of the rotary encoder knob, but I've learned to live without it. In every other respect, the radio is still like new, although a small amount of dirt/dust has accumulated under the clear plastic piece that covers the LCD display panel.

As to antennas, the stock factory-supplied antenna isn't bad, but I have two different Diamond antennas that I use as alternatives from time to time. For better airband reception, I'll sometimes insert an AOR ABF128 VHF Airband Filter between the radio and the antenna. The improvement is slight but noticeable.

The KG-UV6D V2 supports CTCSS/DCS and split frequencies so they're quite usable with both amateur and GMRS repeaters.

The newer KG-UV9D (Plus) LE has a wider reception range, adds cross-band repeat capability, and includes a number accessories as standard.


In the world of CCRs (cheap Chinese radios), I think that Wouxun is probably one of the better brands available here in the U.S. at this time.

There are lots of friendly repeaters in the New York area, including some run by members of this very forum. :)

For GMRS on Long Island, check out the SHTFLI (Stuff Hits The Fan Long Island) site.


And for ham radio on Long Island, check out the LIMARC (Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club) site.




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Thanks for posting about the new URL. I had received an e-mail notification about it a few days ago.


As to the old name of SHTFLI, I miss it too, but I've always expanded it out to Stuff Hits The Fan Long Island, sort of like RTFM or Read The Fine Manual.


Makes it family-friendly. :)





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