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Outer Banks GMRS

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Trying to get a few people together to talk on the outer banks. Don't know of too many people that us GMRS down here. There is just two or three of us that talk. If you got a radio & a call sign give us a shout on channel 16 or 19. Usually in the evenings. Thanks & hope to talk soon. WRZS512















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Been down there and noticed it wouldn't take much to have most of that area covered with a modest repeater antenna height.  It's pretty flat of course being right there at the ocean.  Are you a local sown there or are you vacationing?  I was done last year for vacation and found it to be rather relaxing. 

But back to the radio thing.  If someone could secure a spot on one of the light towers out on one of the piers at about 50 to 100 feet, and installed a DB-404 or 408 on it and then put a small cabinet on the pole at a height that was above reach unless someone had a ladder it would serve that area well.  With a proper mount, the antenna would stay on the pole to the point the pole would need to fail to bring it down.  But even a 50 foot antenna height would cover much of the OBX area.  Now that would be the more populous area of OBX mind you.  Once you get way down south, it's gonna need another repeater to extend the coverage down there.  I seriously doubt the lighthouse would allow an antenna on the structure, but if something with a similar height could be located and an agreement secured, I am sure the repeater would be busy much of the time with licensed travelers.  I certainly would use it.  Hell, if someone was able to secure the space and take care of the ongoing cost I might be willing to provide some gear to get the project together.  I would want an Internet connection for it so it could be linked. 

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I’m new to GMRS.  Just got my GMRS license 5 days ago. Bought 2 Baofeng R9 HT and a BTech 50V2 I’m going to use as a base.  I wanted a way to communicate with local family/friends should internet and cell go out.  I haven’t had much time to monitor chat yet still trying to learn and set things up. I hope to connect with others from the area.

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