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Digital GMRS



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1 hour ago, WRTZ750 said:

I realize this is a crystal ball question but, how likely would digital voice transmissions be in the future for GMRS?  Thoughts?

All depends on how it's done and presented to the FCC. For years they said no to FM on 11M CB. Then one day, POOF, they said OK.

While there is a crowd who don't like the idea that may become moot. In some areas digital voice modes are already in use, very much in violation of FCC regulations. If it becomes further widely practiced, like the mess with combo FRS/GMRS radios and people ignoring the license requirements, they will just throw in the towel, again, and make it legal. Saves them time, man power and money so they don't have to deal with the enforcement issues. That's basically what they did with the FRS/GMRS rule revisions in 2017. Just made what people were doing legal, then ignored the service.

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