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Good afternoon all. 

When programming a radio to include all 30 GMRS channels, how does one access channels 17-30 when the tuning knob only has 1-16?

Would 17-30 be programmed on a separate Group that can be toggled? Is there a reference somewhere for which buttons on a radio are generally assigned to specific functions as a best practice?

Working with and getting to know my TK390 has been fun, just looking for some help here and perhaps a little baseline on this.

Thanks all!

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17 minutes ago, back4more70 said:

Skip channels 8-14? Those are only a half watt anyway...

That’s where my head went initially also, for the same reason. Currently have 17-30 on Group 2 and it works. 

The only other option I see currently is using the Dial/Selector to change Groups (1-16) and then putting all 30 channels on Group 1 with the top A/B buttons being Channel Up/Down.


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