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BAOFENG GM21 Reviews ?


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I just received mine (GM21) Friday.....I was curious about the keypad being "normal" with a zero on the bottom with # and * on each side.

It came with a standard duckie and one of those 771s which I don't like. It seems rugged and heavy compared to the uv5G

You need to screw in the battery (and belt clip to the battery) at the back which is made of metal.

So far I have only tested it using another ht to listen to the audio quality

It scans pretty slow, and with win7 I can't use the latest version of chirp so I don't know if I can program any memory channels other than manually.

The display shows only the ch number and frequency in channel mode. I seriously doubt I will use 999 memory slots.

The audio is ok (like any bo fung you need to duplex to find the sweet spot for the mic.)

I used my BNC adaptor for an old business band ht's duckie and the gm21 antenna is on the uv5g

Here is what they look side by side20240331_084103.thumb.jpg.ccc515cf6bc3056432485199d9de4800.jpg

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I had the UV-21R version,  looks identical. Had the dark background. I like the display with the large numbers and the number pad being more "normal" with 0 at the bottom.

However,  the display went out after 1 week.  Returned it for replacement.  The replacement had white back ground,  which is the older firmware and the white back ground was harder to see and it had smaller numbers in the display.  I returned.   

Bummer because I like the 999 channels and upload and download to Chirp was way faster than my other Baofengs.

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