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Ear piece (Motorola XPR 3300e)

Guest Peterson

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Guest Peterson

Hello everyone,

I work for a small food company as a project manager. One of my last projects was to get 20 or so hand held radios in with a repeater. I worked with a company that sold Motorola radios because that's what I used at my last job and they worked very well. We got them in and the repeater in stalled and they work perfect. Our problem here is some areas are very loud and we cant hear the hand held mic. Even when I have it hooked on my shirt collar I cant hear it well. I have been doing some digging and I'm not finding a ton of ear bud like pieces. I did see a few on a Motorola accessory site for like 200 plus. Could someone please point me in the right direction to find something that will work for my team please. Thank you and have a great day.

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Be careful of aftermarket products for the XPR3000 series. Otto is probably one of the few good alternatives to Motorola OEM.  The side connector on the XPR3300e series is a unique connector, and not all aftermarket products work well with that connector.

I'd also comment that there are a bunch of audio profile settings in the CPS programming, along with some "licensed" audio improvements that your Dealer can license and install, and the 'out of the box' audio settings on the XPR3300e can be improved. SINC+  enhanced noise suppression is what you should ask them about.

Unless the area that's giving you a problem normally requires hearing protection, a properly configured 3300e radio should be able to function quite well with just a good speaker mic.

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