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Godspeed WRPJ758 - Roland Jackson

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Today, I lost a friend; NOVA GMRS lost a beloved member. 

Roland Jackson (WRPJ758) died today.  For those in the DC Metro area, he had a positive impact on the community.  Roland was a staple in the GMRS realm, willing to help anyone, chat with everyone.

You will be missed my friend.


Pictures care of @kidphc 







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Roland will be greatly missed.

He was a big signature in the D.C. metro area as well as up and down the mid-atlantic, PA, NJ/NY and WVa.

His base setup (completely legal) had some reach and if the conditions were right with some ducting. His voice could be heard on a repeater by you or even on simplex.

For 2 years straight, when I commuted to and from work. He would often chat with me, purposely pausing his day to catch me on various repeaters. I have caught him doing this with multiple people including Marc. He was outstanding steward for the radio community and was upstanding.

In person, his Veteran Vietnam Naval side came out with the swear words. What a character that "old fart" was.

Rest in peace WRPJ758, 42 (former Capital City React) Roland you deserve it of any person I have ever met.

The D.C. area GMRS community lost a great one. Now who will answer the 5x radio checks a day on all the repeaters.

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