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MARS/CAP Modified Ham Radios



So, I made a trade today and got myself a FT7800R ham radio, later I found out it was MARS/CAP modded = for those who doesn't know, it allows the radio to transmit out of band like GMRS, other than been illegal, the radio also looses power transmitting out of the HAM BAND, did some bench test and I get 38-41watts on HAM BAND but once I go over the 440mhz the power drops a lot, on 462mhz I'm about 23watts  and 467mhz at 19watts and drops by the second.


Other than been illegal, the modification could damage your radio. I would love to be legal and have the full 40-45watts output :(



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Got any links for that ? I can't find any.

Here: http://midlandusa.com/midland-announces-three-new-micromobile-radios/


•The immensely powerful MXT400 completes the updated MicroMobile product line with 40 watts of power across 15 high power GMRS channels and benefitting from 8 repeater channels at a retail price of $249.99.

Honestly though, Kenwood TK-880-1 UHF radios are selling for <$60 on eBay and they are awesome.

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I would love for Motorola or Vertex to bring a decent quality GMRS full power radio with all the features in the front panel....... I saw the MXT100 at walmart last night, very small radio, I'm worried when they start selling the 15w and 40w version, we are going to have the airwaves full of unlicensed people at high power, I live in a rural area and I still can pick up unlicensed people all over (disney parks, neighborhoods) I have a good antenna :D, lately I see a lot of construction workers using this radios on GMRS frequencies, very little use the FRS channels.

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