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Feature Request: Cumulative Coverage Map


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First:  I love the new app, I love the new map!  


I'd like to suggest a couple features that would make it even cooler, though.  

First, a way to view the map with (estimated) coverage circles of all nearby repeaters, which will make it easier for people to tell if a repeater is needed in their garage.  

Second, a tab that will show you the list of which repeaters you should be able to hit from your current GPS location would be super convenient.  

Thanks for the awesome resource, guys and gals!  :D

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The first one would be easy enough.  While I agree it would be a nice feature it’s already VERY easy to figure out if your at all familiar with maps and your area.  

the second one has cool as that would be it would take a load of work.  There are sites that will do this for you it requires very accurate topology maps.  I can do the same thing by looking around and keying up a radio. Easier and takes less time.    It’s kinda of like asking if this site can do ALL the work for you and just give you a personalized read out for your exact location.   Also if they did do all the work and some one could not get into a repeater for reasons like a home, barn trees ect some people would get very upset at this sight.  Since gmrs /460 is so line of sight dependent and things can change if you move left or right 6” i can’t see how any one would really know anything for sure.   

from my place I can reach 200miles with a 20w base to a repeater the next state over.  But sometimes I can’t reach a repeater 15miles away with my ht unless I’m standing in the perfect spot.  Best and most fun thing to do is get involved with the local repeaters and owners and groups and clubs and get on The radio in different places and see what if anything is needed.   Just because you have a gap in repeater coverage also does not mean you have people in that area that what to use one. 

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The first one would be easy enough, and save me five minutes printing out a map and drawing circles on it.  Not a big problem.  

Second one could be implemented one of two ways:  one using highly detailed topo maps to give you realistic propagation simulations, which would be hard.  The easy way would basically make a list of repeaters taken from the map view, and suggest which repeaters you might want to try.  RepeaterFinder has a similar list view, sorted by distance.

I feel like even the low-effort method would be a useful feature, to be honest.  And then you could feed that data into your propagation software of choice, perhaps, but the quick glanceable list is going to save me ten minutes faffing about on the repeater viewer and copying everything I want to try to connect to into a note on my phone whenever I change locations, so it can't be THAT rare a use-case.

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