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Lee - Texas GMRS Network

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I'm glad you brought it up. I never get any notifications from this forum. I am subscribed to things but it is radio silence from here. I get the repeater updates through email but that is a separate system. We have an odd domain name and I have encountered trouble with a few other forums so I assumed it was probably just our domain.

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Click on your own name from the top right of the main forum page. A drop down menu appears.

Click on "My Settings" and a settings page appears.

From the LEFT side menu, click on "Email and Password"  and an update page for resetting email and password appears.

Under "EMAIL ADDRESS" - make your changes in the "New Email Address" block.  Confirm the NEW email address in the second block and place your CURRENT password in the third block.  BYPASS all other blocks on that page and hit the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of that screen.


NOTE: You will have to CONFIRM the new email address by following the software prompts, so MAKE CERTAIN that your new email address is typed in correctly in both blocks - or you may be locked out. 

This procedure is common with 'IP BOARD' forum software.

If this procedure does not work for you, send a PM to Rich to look into it for you -   WQEJ577    https://forums.mygmrs.com/user/1-wqej577/

IF you do have any OTHER issues with this process, go to the main repeater listing site and hit the CONTACT button to have Rich reset things for you.  The Moderator staff at MyGMRS has no administrative access.


Main Site:  https://mygmrs.com/








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