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  1. I have two possible base station locations that I'm considering. I did some basic gain/loss calculations for comparison. Which way would you guys go and how much difference in range over average rural terrain do you think there would be for the two locations? Note: The 90 footer will be considerably more difficult to do (Location #1 – Base of 16 ft antenna is 90 ft from the ground) Cable Loss per 100 ft at Operating Frequency of (462 MHz) = 2.725 dB Cable Length = 120 Ft. Calculated Loss = 3.3 dB Power into Cable = 50 Watts Power out of Cable = 23.5 Watts Gain of Antenna = 11.9 dBd ERP of Antenna System = 364.7 Watts (Location #2 – Base of 16 ft antenna is 36 ft from the ground) Cable Loss per 100 ft at Operating Frequency of (462 MHz) = 2.725 dB Cable Length = 50 Ft. Calculated Loss = 1.4 dB Power into Cable = 50 Watts Power out of Cable = 36.5 Watts Gain of Antenna = 11.6 dBd ERP of Antenna System = 528.1 Watts
  2. That's because the State Forestry Division is trying to conceal all the Bigfoot sightings!
  3. Now imagine an EMP and 10-15 years without power and your neighbors eating you.
  4. I love my Tera TR-505's! They really talk and have all the options one could want. They just feel good in the hand, sort of like a high end business radio, and I can't say enough about the 15 inch optional antennae, those guys really extend the range. I programmed the last 5 channels with (1-5) MURS frequencies, 1-10 GMRS simplex, and 11-12 for two local repeaters. Works quite well for me. I have talked 17 miles to a Cobra walkie from a mountain ridge and talked between Tera's about 7 miles over average terrain with the 15 inch antennas.
  5. Mine is MURS/GMRS, VHF/UHF so it has some inline induction built into the design. Antennas are so inexpensive these days that personally I would just buy one. But If you do build of modify your own actually do the math and cut the antenna and ground planes to the exact frequency you need. IMHO
  6. WQYC236


    I have one and I didn't spend a lot of money for it so I can't speak to the quality but it does what I want.
  7. It's a Comet GP-9NCA. (rated at 11.9 dbi) http://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/comet-gp-9nca-1088.html
  8. That's a neat tree installation. I'm playing metal games myself trying to figure how to safely get to the top of a 100 ft tree that sits on a 10 foot hill about 50 ft from my house. I'd like to put a 16.5' antenna attached to a ten foot pole in the top of that tree. My neighbor has a bucket truck but may not be able to get in or operate out of my uneven back yard. Another option is to buy the climbing gear and try it on my own. I think I also may need to build a small platform about twenty feet from the top of the tree in case I decide to mount a repeater up there. The antenna is 11.5 db and should give me some reasonable range at that altitude.
  9. WQYC236


    I'm using a Rohs VHF/UHF MFJ-842 SWR/Wattmeter. It's a low cost instrument and I have no idea about the quality level, but it seems to give me "reasonable" readings using a 12' whip. I've used it on the Teras and on my 50 watt mobile unit. The scale is 0-15 and 0-150 watts.
  10. From time to time I see radios advertised with words to the effect: "Programmed with the standard or common CTCSS coding". When I got my hand held TR-505's they had their own default coding programmed into the 16 channels. Now, except for the local repeater frequencies all my GMRS channels in all my radios have the CTCSS option turned off. I understand that there are some common repeater frequencies and CTCSS coding across the country like (462.675 MHz,141.3 tones), but are there also common CTCSS codes on the simplex frequencies as well? I am assuming that the way to hear or communicate with the most people (on simplex channels) is to monitor with the CTCSS coding turned off...am I right or wrong on this? How do you guys operate out there? Sasquatch
  11. WQYC236


    Did you get your Teras yet?
  12. If either of you guys want to try communicating on (462.675, 141.3) I can be on the air anytime listening. I usually have no problem hitting that repeater from my driveway, although with all this rain it's been a little iffy lately at 51 miles out.
  13. I'm about 51 miles SW of DC near Castleton, VA but monitor the (462.675, 141.3) repeater near the "Seven Corners" (junction of Hwys 50 & 7) area when I'm in the car. If you ever want to chat give me a call on the repeater frequencies (WQYC236).
  14. I just discovered a repeater located near the intersection of Hwy's 50 & 7 near DC. It's not listed anywhere (that I can find) and is on the same frequency and codes as "675Baltimore" (462.675, 467.675 and 141.3, 141.3). I recently had a nice conversation with a seasoned HAM and GMRS operator on that system. I was mobile in Warrenton,VA at the time which is about 31 air miles SW of the location. I was in between two buildings and hitting the repeater off the side of the car and still a good signal. He said it was a REACT repeater but I was perfectly welcome to use it as long as I had a licence. I have been monitoring that frequency since last Saturday and haven't heard a soul. Unfortunately I didn't ask a lot of details like how high and power out, etc. I will next time I talk to some one on it. My personal range testing by listening for the carrier tone, has been out to 56 miles so far with out any problems. I even went out side last night about 1:30 AM and hit it with my Tera TR-505 hand held using the 15" antenna (5 watts). My house is about 51 miles SW from the repeater. I'm hoping I'll be able to connect with people in the area through this system and I also am hopeful that I will be able to talk to my wife and son who both work within a few miles of the tower. The are doing the 60 plus mile commute thing and it would be especially useful in bad weather.
  15. Another thought is the FCC data base allows searching specific, towns and counties for all the GMRS licence holders. Maybe a group email would work.
  16. I know this is never going to happen because of money and inconvenience, but if the manufactures offered GMRS only radios, and had the customer sign a briefing statement that they need a licence to operate the radio, maybe it would be a different world. I think most people just use the radios out of ignorance, not any real malice aforethought.
  17. Congratulations...that's great news! That's my next project.
  18. That is going to be one cool machine. How did you find it?
  19. WOW, what a deal! Now if you could only find a mountain somewhere in Indiana , (I grew up 20 miles south of Ft. Wayne, IN)
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