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  1. I run these because they require only a 3/8" hole instead of 3/4" and I can drill with a uni-bit + finish with 3/8" instead of a specialized hole-saw. They're also available for different thickness mounting surfaces. I don't know if they're susceptible to water intrusion but no issues for a couple years. My rigs are garaged 90%. https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=264_266_1291&products_id=1154
  2. Should be no issues with a roof rack. Even a fiberglass/plastic kayak on the roof, covering the antenna will not block signal. 1/4 wave is 7", phantom is 3.5" and both will easily unscrew to remove, and a threaded NMO cap is available from antenna dealers (Antenna Farm). I've had excellent results with the 1/4 on both my Jeep and my SxS (with an 8" square x 1/4 thick aluminum mounted to the steel kayak rack). 50 miles to repeater easily with NMO on my XJ with it's long, wide, steel roof. I have phantom antennas that worked fine but no direct comparison for range or Q of signal. There is a difference in beam pattern and maybe someone else can explain that better than I. I'm in the high desert with tall mountains (western mountains..lol), huge valleys and a lot of open ground. I did talk to my wife at home from 16 miles LOS on simplex, from very slightly higher elevation than my house.. correction: my wife was listening to the trail group while were cruising and quoted some of the conversation when I got home. Is the Blazer a fiberglass roof? If so you would need something to create a ground plane for a permanent mount NMO. I've considered whether a 12" square of aluminum or screen material might work if mounted inside the cap and grounded to the chassis with the NMO through the metal. Maybe someone else will chime in. Of course, if the Blazer has a steel roof, it's moot, and you can use simple NMO with the antenna of choice. I was going to try a longer 5/8 wave antenna but I really don't see where it would improve much for me and would make overhead clearance an even bigger issue. But they do come in spring-loaded base.
  3. Duct Seal, aka: bear shixx has worked for 2 years on the NMO exposed underside on my S x S. For instance: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gardner-Bender-Duct-Seal-Compound-5-lb-Pugs/5001428173
  4. Simple Larsen 1/4 wave @ 7" or phantom @ 3.5". Easy enough to unscrew and cap when clearance is an issue. Good coverage. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  5. I have alkaline packs for my both my 805G and my Kenwood 3170, neither run the radio. Odd screen error codes on the Kenwood, can't remember with the Wouxun but it wouldn't operate. Safe to say, I'm done with them. Battery eliminator for the 805 works fine but I rarely use it now that I have mobiles in my XJ and X4.
  6. Got it. From my former co-worker. Had them laying all over the place. Power supply works great to power the mobiles for programming.
  7. Buddy on there today tells me it "says $35" until credit card time, then it's $70. He's anguishing.
  8. They'll probably show up the same day the FCC lowers its license fee..
  9. I was thinking of adding NMO fittings to cable, not drilling holes. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  10. ..and RST should be double the TOT value? Ball park?
  11. Looking at Amazon for this but thought I'd get recommendations here for a decent kit. Don't wanna break the bank but nothing too cheapo either. To build custom length NMO for mobile installs using PL239. Also, any special tools for the NMO permanent mount fittings? Thanks. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  12. So, is the 3 min TOT a good setting for CCR HT and/or 25-40w Kenwood mobiles? I've pretty much ignored that setting but having been tasked with a lot of programming for friends. I'd like to save them from themselves without long explanations or the whys and wherefores of keeping the jabber down.. Good stuff! Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks gang. Figured but wanted to be sure. Just a little bit different look I guess. Pretty good freebee PS. Lots of the off-road folks are doing mobile radios and asking me to program for them. This will make it a lot easier than unplugging the one in my SxS and plugging theirs in.
  14. Given the Astron power supply minus AC power cord. Looking for one online or from a buddy's parts. You suppose it's specific to the brand/unit? Or might it be generic? Sources? Thanks Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  15. This sound right for the 890? Edit: yup that's it. Looked it up and found both online. KPG-44D Cable KPG-43 $45.00
  16. More features on the 890 than I need but good used UHF Kenwoods are getting scarce on all my sources (880, 8180).2 channel units are out there but no good to me. Thanks.
  17. Anyone with experience/testimonial/opinion on the Kenwood TK-890? I know the features, i.e. remote mounting, and like what I see, just looking for real-world experience. 40w might be nice for the remote places I go but have had good luck with range using 25 - 30w mobile units using repeaters from 50+ miles LOS. Dunno how much an additional 10 - 15w will add to the experience.
  18. Done deal, works great, owner is thrilled. Talked from his place in town, over the mountain where the repeater resides, to my place 20 miles away. 2 open local repeaters programmed in. He can do more regional as he wishes; he now knows how. Tiny little radio the 115 but 15w should do fine. Will compare distance to repeater against my 30w TK8180s. He has the Midland supplied phantom antenna mounted between his spare tire and the tailgate of his JK. Not ideal so he's looking for better options. Not worthless either - he got what he'd hoped for. Thanks folks.
  19. All good stuff, especially the adjacent channel.. I know better. Will be a lot easier with the vehicle here to play with instead of over the phone or DM, and with other radios available and the repeaters known to work from my place. Thanks.
  20. Trying to program a couple repeaters into a buddy's MXT 115 mobile. Gave him the repeater codes (141.3) and walked him through inserting them into CH20 and CH21 (.625 and .675) after enabling repeater (rp) on those two channels. We couldn't communicate. Is there something we're missing? He has the hard copy manual and I was referring to it on .pdf I got online. He's going to drive the 15 miles to my place tomorrow so we can try it in person. FWIW his antenna is mounted on his JK spare tire mount and I'm pretty sure it's the one included in the 115 package. Darn Jeeps and their fiberglass roofs.. Maybe we can rig up a better antenna mount for him but he's probably sensitive about drilling, etc. Is there Midland software out there to program separate from the FP? I'll go look. Thanks. PS/Edit: with the Midland going to only CH22 is it correct to just choose the channel corresponding with the repeater freq (462.675) to make it the repeater channel. I understand there is no split-tone capability on the Midlands but neither of the repeaters have ST and both run on 141.3. What about the 5k TX/RX offset? Is that built into the Midland? I didn't see any specifics on that in the manual.
  21. Some here say the Nagoya is a big help. My experience with 805G and Nagoya 771G is nominal, without any hard tests, but is a PITA in the vehicle with it's extra length. Your results may vary.
  22. Other than Midland, where are you guys sourcing antennas for Jeeps? And what seems to be the best performers. 1/2w, 5/8, loaded??? Several buddies requesting mobile radio installs on TJ, YJ, JK, etc. and my only experience is with 1/4 wave NMO ground plane antennas. Looking to get them the best performing antennas as they're relying on my perceived "expertise".. lol. Not a fan of mag-mount, nor will they work with fiberglass roofs. Seems most common impulse is for them to get Midland radios. I wish they allowed split repeater tones. Other than that they seem to be well regarded.
  23. Ya, already downloaded the software so will have my buddy bring his radios with him Saturday when we're having a Jeep "garage day" and give it a shot. ...since I already have Kenwood & Wouxun cables.
  24. Ya, I'm aware of all that and have a number of Kenwood mobiles and HT but I'm asking because a friend already has 4 TR200 that he seems to like, so we want to program for repeaters and get what he can out of them, on and off the trail. Hence, I'm looking for the correct cable for programming or first hand knowledge that's already out here. Guess I didn't make that clear. Thanks.
  25. Yeah, we grabbed 16 for off-road and hunting some years ago. I just recently watched the video and learned of my logic in choosing that channel.. used it all day yesterday out on the trails.
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