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  1. I finally found a photo of the KRK-10 remote mount for my TK-8180. Ordered it up. Should work A1 on the existing bracket on top of my '18 F350 dash. And with a 1/4 wave 6" antenna in the middle of the CC roof, I expect good performance.
  2. "CTCSS/DCS tone scan" is in the description. I tried to download the software to look for channel scan select buy my laptop tells me "Failed - virus detected".
  3. Per previous discussions of the 805G it does have Superhet (not on a chip) so that would leave the difference as the bells and whistles, aka "Dual-Band" that I don't need.
  4. Got the same email and feel about the same way as far as bells and whistles I don't need. I carry the 805 in my fishing kayak but inside a dry bag made just for that: https://www.nrs.com/product/28572/aquapac-small-vhf-classic-228 IP55 (per description) isn't enough for my comfort - splash yes, clumsy drop, no. Also provides a tether and will float. Not cheap but less than a new radio. They have a large size but still not big enough for Nagoya antenna.. not a deal breaker.
  5. I have both 880 and 8180 in the non-H version so yes from me on the model and ease of programming, etc. And if you can't find the 'H' models the 880 is 25w and the 8180 is 30w. Search the forum on how much benefit there is to increasing power and whether/how much it increases range vs the inherent increased heat, larger heat-sink size, battery draw, possible reduced life-span.. Your results may vary. Hopefully others will weigh in for you.
  6. Ok, give me a toy.. Here's the path from my 'spot' on top to Boise State U. Zoomed in on myGMRS and see it's a Network Hub. So theoretically I could get on the Net Sunday nights from my hunting spot and shoot the breeze. Gonna get back up there when the weather warms and give it a shot if I can get the access and permission required. Long shot with 25w but man is it clear sailing. Perch: 8182' approx. Boise: 2732' approx. 127mi/205km How's that for elevating the antenna? Feel bad for you flatlanders
  7. No, I did not. SxS: 450 1/4-wave mobile antenna was about 8' I suppose, on the roof and with an 8 x 8" ground plane. HT would have been in the driver's seat of my wife's 2500HD pickup, so another 8' or so.
  8. Just for kicks here's another one. The repeater ID'd on my Kenwood last hunting season but my TX was fried so couldn't play. Will make a concerted effort to try 2-way from home to the far end this year. Repeater @ 5941' Mobile @ 8182' Distance: 68mi/110km P.S. The portable repeater I've been pondering would be placed near the 8180' spot, considerably higher however (to conceal). Can see forever and I expect I might hit Boise area repeaters from there. Did hear some hams on that same night, but on listen only for now.. and my TX was shot..lol.
  9. Nice! Tried this with GPS from Google Earth and it way waaaay off. Did the drag/drop with map zoomed way in and much better result. 25.2km/15.66mi. See attachment. Simplex 805G to Kenwood TK-880. 5x5 both directions. Elevation: Mobile - 6321' HT - 6249'
  10. See if this picture attaches. I commented on this path in Montana. Loud and clear with 805G to Kenwood TK-880 and an obstruction. I like the webpage. I used Google Earth, ground level, entered GPS and voila.
  11. Sounds like a hoot - hoot.. I don't think this would work well in our situation where we're trying to minimize communication and noise. We do use ear buds but it would be 'clunky', as you say, listening to both sides of the conversation twice.. kind of an echo condition. We already have some issues with straight talk and getting coordinates, etc. Nice idea in a pinch I guess. Thanks.
  12. Had the 805G with factory antenna in camp in Montana last summer. Handed off to the wife for her drive to the nearest town where there's a cellphone access pullout (no cell coverage where I camp,, yaaa!). We had a conversation for 5 or more minutes with her on the 805G and me on my Kenwood mobile in my SxS, in camp, behind a 50' or so tree covered hill with open hay fields beyond but not visible. LOS (which it really wasn't with the hill obstructing) is 15mi. verified by Google Earth. Had reached her earlier from an opening outside the timber but was very surprised to reach her easily from camp, and to hear back clear as could be. Maybe I hit the right propagation conditions and will test from the same spot this year and might try HT-HT for snicks. Also, will have the 701G antennas to try. Also, easily hit local repeaters at 6 miles from inside my house or shop.
  13. What kind of power would I need to place this temporarily on a mountaintop for hunting? I know I'd get excellent coverage from the spot I have in mind, including back to my camp 1000' or more below. Solar: what size, amperage, etc.? Battery: Same question. Would probably leave it in place for a few weeks or possibly relocate depending on coverage. Obviously I don't want to pack a lot of weight 1000 yds up a very steep hill. Spit balling... Thanks.
  14. About all I can do on this. Then it's up to them.
  15. I run Kenwoods as well. Guess I was unaware of the 'off-hook' feature.
  16. Yup, worked just fine with the 1.45 software. Easily hit both repeaters at 6 miles from inside the house. Piece of cake talking over the repeater hill into town an additional 8 miles away.
  17. Gotta try to convince the folks in my circle to go a different route.. busy-body.
  18. So how can they continue to market these radios?
  19. Are you asking if the radio is certified for GMRS? No, its not Part 95 GMRS certified. Unless I am confused, there is no Part 97 certification. Hams can build whatever they want, only have to use them within their licensure. How can they continue to market a radio that's not compliant? And should I inform my buddy that he's also not compliant? He just bought a pair of these CCR for what he sees as a great deal and plans to set them up for local area repeaters and use them often off-road. I will encourage him to get GMRS licensed.
  20. All is moot with EMP. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  21. Installed and opened and sure enough, can modify N/W. Haven't plugged a 76 in to play with but sure it will work. Odd that they'd remove that from an 'updated' version. Thank you sir! Maybe I'll have a beer, too.
  22. I'm not clear on your meaning. How does this help coordinate PL codes in a group that wants to communicate among themselves? MON on my radios is a momentary open of squelch. How do you "run" the radio in Monitor?
  23. Email this morning says they're shooting for "early March". In lieu of the concerns with crappy display I'll likely pass on this one. That and the complications (for me) of multi-multi-band, dual monitoring, etc. Just seems like a lot of B&W that I'd probably not find useful and that might be cumbersome. One of the reasons I really like the 805G is the single band simplicity. I did pickup a couple CCR Retevis 76P so I have weather monitoring on those at least.
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