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  1. Thanks guys. I guess i meant HT since i already have a "mobile" unit for my truck (may upgrade later on). I do a decent amount of overlanding and use SW FM/AM and Airband on a portable radio for listening entertainment. So i was hoping i could get a HT that did it all including Ham that i could also use for my GMRS communication over distance.
  2. I have a simple Midland MXT275 for my truck. But i am looking for the "best" mobile radio with multiple capabilities like the Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS. However many suggest going on eBay (I hate eBay) and finding a used commercial Kenwood/Motorola or something like that. I don't mind overbuying and learning but it will mostly be used for GMRS communications. Something 5 watts with the flexibility of the KG-UV9G PRO. I believe i can listen to Ham and FM on the Wouxun which i would like to have. I'm not super versed in GMRS radios so any advice would be helpful.
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    yes, wow. I think its much better...
  4. I have a MXT275 and got a Midland 6 dB Gain Antenna & Midland Antenna Mag Mount that has a rubber base and mounted it center front of my roof on my 4Runner. Seems to work and though it looks like i can tune the antenna im guessing its fine. Apparently i can talk to people and they can talk back to me so i guess its fine. lol But i wish i knew how good bad it is.
  5. If i recall in order to label "Made in USA" the majority of the product needs to be made/sourced from US companies and the final product assembly must be done in the US. Being radios are mostly electronic devices and virtually all electronics are outsourced overseas you will likely never find any radios with "made in USA" branding. I believe Midland does do much of is manufacturing/assembly in the US but not the majority of parts.
  6. First time trying to communicate with others on my Midland MXT275. I gave my call sign and asked for a simple radio check. Response was "mobil radio, mobile radio hahaha. I responded thank you, gad it works. and the response again was "mobil radio, mobile radio..." I got some winners around me.
  7. Thank you all for the helpful info. Yes, thank you so much. I looked up a couple on the main page. Only showed 462.625 or the like for a frequency and most only showed one frequency and didn't show a CTCSS frequency to look up? I guess they may all use the same input and output or they are mostly defunct repeaters..... Well it looks like its the CT repeaters just suck and most are defunct. lol Found one in NC and he provided all the info "Repeater users are encouraged to use 462.550 PL tone of 141.3" So i assume if i was to connect to that (if in NC) it would be 462.550=15RP and tone would be 141.3=22.
  8. I also have the Midland 6db whip and the Midland Mag mount NMO. Definitely better reception than the little short standard antenna that came with my MXT275, so im happy. If i come across someone with a SWR meter ill certainly test it. But its fine right now. Mag mount is center on my roof and its seems fine at 80mph. Spring and magnet are real solid.
  9. Thanks. Yes, i figured out how to enable them. But the "tones" are channels or frequencies? If i find a repeater listed it doesn't say what channel so i guess i match the frequency that matches the chanel? But then i have to select some secondary number for the CTCSS & DCS which i have no idea what that is or where to find it for the repeater? It looks like for the CTCSS it has a code that corresponds to a frequency. How would i find that frequency since the only frequency they show is something like 462.625 which i assume is chanel RP18 but no CTCSS code?
  10. I just installed a MXT275 with the standard antenna and the Midland 6db nmo antenna for when i off road on my 4Runner. I had to use some of my Sons old erector-set parts to mount the mic and the smaller antenna. lol I just cant fit in the garage with the 6db antenna since i have it on the mag mount dead center of the roof. So i use the small one that came with the unit for my daily driving.
  11. Thanks for the Welcome guys! Ill have to check out the VRX-7000. Looks like an easy repeater that is simple with out having to build my own. Quick question. Thinking of getting a 5 watt handheld for my spotter or other who may need to communicate with me. Seems the Wouxun KG-805G is one of the few true 5 watt units i can get easily new. Anything better or on par i should look at? Also thinking Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO. ​Also having a tough time understanding how to connect to a repeater since i don't see the chanel listed and the MXT275 has codes that are not the same as what it looks like the repeater is.
  12. Hi all! First post, and though i would consider my self new to GMRS i did get a GMRS license back in 2000 for a 5w radio from Radio Shack i used for a few years. Back when i first used my Radio Shack radio i was unaware there were repeaters or how they worked. Its a shame there are no repeaters near me here in CT so i can get the gist of how to connect to them and how they work. I may have to get a repeater of my own just to figure it out. lol I primarily got my MXT275 for off road use to communicate with friends and it seems to work well, i get about a mile range with hills and lots of houses around. I upgraded the antenna to a MXTA26 6db with the mag mount that i run on the roof of my 4Runner which seemed to help a lot with the hills. Anyway. Good to be here and i look forward to learning.
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