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I second EBAY these days....limited selection however, and many look like trash.   Many over-priced ones sit there month after month.    


I usually pay about $350 for a good Telewave or Sinclair bandpass/band-reject (BPBR) duplexer with 80-90 dB of TX to RX isolation.  Most are about $1900 new.       


If you are not using it at a repeater site, maybe for a garage repeater, a $150 six-cavity notch-only duplexer works great.   



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I have nothing against flat packs in the right environment. not something you want to use in an RF dense site but as a stand alone in the middle of nowhere your probably good.

in our world at such low power a flat pack will be fine at 1.2-1.5 db insertion loss and 75dB isolation between the ports for $$ as oppose to a .5dB insertion loss and 100+dB of isolation for a TX-RX $$$$$

 in the real world a 40W input will give you 28-32W out if tuned properly. now the $$$$$ unit will give you 36W.

it all depends on your budget, location and expectations of the system.

as to RX sensitivity that I find radio dependent, some are good some out right suck. I personally like Kenwood as their receivers will typically  do .25-.27uV out of the box. I have seen them go as low as .18-20uV after a tune.

just my thoughts.

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