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Using a mini 8900 on gmrs

Guest Sean

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Im a new license holder, im taking my ham Technician exam in February. I have bought a mini 8900 and have set up a fixed base station with a 2m 70cm ground plain antenna. I would like to connect to a repeater and see whos out there. An open repeater is on 462.550 . Again im new , would i program that in and be able to connect or do i need to do anything with the offset and tones ? Any input is appreciated.


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The offset on GMRS is the same (+5 MHz) as it is on 70cm/440 MHz ham. The repeater probably does use tone squelch, so you will need to find out what it is and set the transmit tone accordingly. You don't absolutely have to use a receive tone if you don't want to.

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As RCM mentions... just set the proper offset and tone and you should be good to go.  I would recommend checking the SWR.  Many dual-band antennas do not go all the way to 470 MHz, but rather, are not rated above 450 MHz.


BTW... I looked up the mini 8900 because I haven't heard of it before.  Wow, that thing is tiny!  LOL   I hope you have good luck with it.

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Like WRAF stated. No type acceptance, don't use it.


That thing Is on CCR class on its own, with too much power, spurious emissions off the charts... and a piss poor receiver. Its classified as an UCCR (or Ultra Cheap Chinese Radio) Just like VHF, UHF, etc you have CCR, VCCR, UCCR, RSCCR, etc...  you get the idea.


Don't use those on high power near valuable electronics, like monitors, as it will damage them. Don't ask me how I know. 


Oh, and the neighbor's Superbowl game might (or might not) catch all kinds of static/digital artifacts when you operate that thing nearby with a giant antenna...



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