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Repeater antenna recommendation


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Putting a repeater on the air shortly. Im looking for recommendations for an antenna. Im looking at the comet or the diamond . Both are rated at about 5.5 db gain. Also have seen a phelps dodge station master for 250 dollars. Not sure if its worth it though. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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the older 201's are better IMO. I have been using them for over 20 yrs.since PD changed hands yrs ago the new stuff is not the same. of the last 6 RFS  201 we bought 4 went back inside of a yr b/c the radome separated from the support pipe. I still have on in my service bay just because.

here is what I have been using for a while, cheap light and work OK 5dbd



also in 7dbd


these are list prices if you hunt around you can find them for almost half that.

here is the current 201



I am not to familiar w/the comet or diamond antennas ,you'll have to search here to see what thought are on those.

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For what it's worth. I'm not sure what size setup you are looking at. For a small to medium coverage area setup. There is a ham guy who makes some outstanding jpole antennas. I just bought this one http://www.jpole-antenna.com/shop/462-mhz-land-mobile-gmrs-j-pole-antenna/


My systems is small. My antenna is only up about 15ft. I'm running the repeater at 25 watts and am covering a good 5-7 miles solid with just that setup. If I could test with the antenna higher, I'm sure the performance would easily increase to a comparable $200 antenna. I am very impressed on the performance of this antenna.




I'm also using LMR400 with it, but planning to upgrade to some hardline. Feedline is just as important as the antenna. Keep that in mind :)

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I've got a VHF channel master laying around somewhere…only down side to them is that the VHF ones are 20ft long and a single piece. 


I've got a 6dB Telewave antenna that was being used temporarily and worked well. For a building installation/tower install I try and use nothing less than a DB408…usually end up using 420's though.

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If you want an antenna to last a lifetime spend a bit more and buy a DB404. I run these on all my repeaters and have yet to have an issue including when they are iced over or not. I also use one as a portable antenna on my mobile repeater and being all aluminum holds up better than any fiberglass stick i have ever tried. 

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