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Programming Motorola MCS2000



I need help programming my Motorola MCS2000.  When I attempt to read the radio I receive an error, "Communication with radio failed".


Here's how I reproduce the issue:

  1. Connect radio with USB to radio's mic port
  2. Open MCS2000 CPS software
  3. Choose File > Read Device
  4. Select COM1 (the port associated with the USB cable), choose "OK"
  5. Receive error, "Communication with radio failed"

Here's my setup:

  • Radio Model M01MX+713W
  • Radio ID M01SHL9PW4AN.
  • Software: MSC2000 CPS Ver. R02.02.00. 
  • Cable: MSC2000 FTDI USB Serial Cable (ordered from BlueMax49ers)
  • Cable USB driver: FTDI ver. (Date: 8/16/2017)
  • Computer OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit Operating System

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Doug T (WRFL449)

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The MCS2000 comes from the era of RIBs - Motorola's black Radio Interface Box.  I've never programmed an MCS2000 using a USB cable, but that's not saying it can't be done. I'd also be wondering if you can try loading your software onto a Windows 32bit machine.


Have you successfully read any other radios using that USB cable? Have you previously used that PC to program any other radios? Com 1 is usually NOT a USB port on any machine with a Serial Port, but I'm thinking your PC probably doesn't have an old fashioned Serial Port.  Can you see the USB cable in your Device Manager when you plug it in? What chipset does the cable have? Did you download/install any drivers for that USB cable?


I don't know the answer to your problem, but those are a few of the places I'd look.


The MCS2000 was one of the best sounding radios I ever used. I hope you can get it working.

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First, make sure the radio is on (I know its a given if you have programmed radios previously but sometimes people forget)


Most likely cause that I see is that you have com port 1 selected. Using USB cables usually puts you around com port 3 or 4, not 1. I suspect you have the wrong com port selected. To figure out which com port you need, go to device manager and look under USB Controllers. This should give you the proper com port you need.

It could be improper firmware versions. Motorola isnt like other radio softwares. If you use a newer CPS to program a radio, you must always use that CPS or newer, you cant roll back to a previous version. For instance, If the radio was programed once using a version 03.01.00 your CPS wont read the radio. (Stupid, but its because the CPS also updates the radios firmware which may not work properly with older CPS versions which sort of makes sense)

Another cause could be fake/improper programing cables. I have two cables for the 1225. One works for mobiles, the other for the repeater.  They both look the same, but you cant use one for both operations for some reason, even though the cables from motorola are the same. Thats what I deserve for buying a RIB from E-bay, but I dont program motorola radios that often so what I have works for me. Double check the cable and that could be your issue.


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Your never going to program a MCS with a USB programming cable. You need the RIB and a older PC. I use a Windows98 PC with a RIB and have no issues. I have tried to read with my W10 PC with a USB/Serial adapter to the RIB and never made it work. Others on my SAR team have spent days ttrying to get a USB programming cable to work with no luck.

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Your never going to program a MCS with a USB programming cable. 


As they say, YMMV. I have been able to program every Motorola radio I have ever tried including old HTs like the GP300 and P1225 with a USB adapter cable and WinXP (running in VirtualBox on MacOS).  You just have to get the right cable, and the right version of the software, and... be patient and persistent.  I have owned and built so many cables and programming stands I can no longer remember which cables came from where. But, I'd start with BlueMax49ers (ebay and amazon). But, the best way is too email Mark Dunkle, dunklem AT gmail.com. He is a great, honest guy and if he does sell you something that doesn't work, he will take it back.


BTW, If you do get one of his cables, get one with the FTDI USB/Serial adapter. All his cables work, But, for a number of reasons,  the FTDI cables will have fewer problems.

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I know this is a old thread but am hoping someone can steer me.


I am looking for Motorola CPS R02.03.00 software. I bought 2 MCS 2000 Model M01MX+713W radios to set up a GMRS repeater. I am hoping to get Open Repeater on Raspberry Pi working with it.





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1) Using Motorola CPS R02.03.00 factory programming s/w CD

2) tried using new notebook with 64 bit win10 / Did not work

3) found an old HP mini 110 with win 7 32 bit. (Works) installed CD Mcs2000, CPSgave error until FTDI specific drivers installed

 4) Using MCS2000 FTDI usb programming cable to mic jack FTDI specific drivers (Works)

5) now programming 5 more motorola Mcs2000 50w radios with no issues whatsoever








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