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Moving software from Pi to VM



Hello All,


I recently purchased the connect bundle from the store and have it running successfully on a repeater (New Baden 625).  I have started a project where I would like to move the software off of the Raspberry Pi and onto a local VM Host where I have installed the ASL software into two separate VMs.  My end goal is to have the myGMRS link go to my GMRS repeater (625) and an ASL node in a separate VM go to my Ham Repeater so that I can have the best of both worlds.  In an effort to ensure that there is zero chance I cross-linking, I wanted to touch base with the professionals here to determine if there is anything other than copying the contents of the /etc/asterisk folder over to the new install and firing things up?  Are there any other folders or scripts that need to be modified to move mygmrs from Raspberry Pi to a debian VM?  I will be running both repeaters on dummy loads until I am certain that there is no possibility of cross-linking.  Thank you for your assistance.


Bob Riddell


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Hi Bob,


The main part is the /etc/asterisk directory which has all the config files. As long as you overwrite the ASL ones with the myGMRS ones you should be good to go.


There are a couple of extra services that run which would need to be installed under the VM to have the full benefit. One is for adding your node to Node Manager (web-based control of linking commands) and the other is a script that runs every 10 minutes to update your local list of nodes which is basically your whitelist of other nodes that you will allow to connect to you.


I can help you set that up once you're ready, we can do a TeamViewer session and I'll show you the steps -- it should take less than 10 minutes.

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rdunajewski have they moved over to the 2.0 of asl yet? I had done some testing and had got most stuff working on the 2.0 on a proxmox server but was having issues with my repeater audio and also connecting to other nodes outside of the main hubs. I ended up moving everything back over to the pi4 running hamvoip (currently running) If you would like to reach out to me to help me troubleshoot the rest of the issues then I am confident enought to put up a step by step for those attempting the same thing (with your help of course). Thanks in advance



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