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Retevis RA25- 20W GMRS mobile


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9 minutes ago, pcradio said:

For fun, I wanted to see the power draw on the Retevis RA25 mobile radio. I connected it to an AC to DC Converter 12V 5A 60W Power Adapter (Alitov brand.) . Then the adapter was plugged into a Kill-A-Watt meter.


~ 2W
~ .06A

Receiving on channel 16 (462.575) high power
~ 10W
~ .10A

Receiving on channel 16 (462.575) medium power
~ 4W
~ .06A

Receiving on channel 16 (462.575) low power
~ 3W
~ .06A

Transmitting on channel 16 (462.5750) high power
~ 48W
~ .71A

Transmitting on channel 16 (462.5750) medium power
~ 32W
~ .51A

Transmitting on channel 10 (467.6125) low power
~ 20W
~ .33A


Interesting to note what it's drawing on the 120v side of things. Also slightly curious why receiving draw would be different depending on transmit levels.

I was curious what my mxt115 draws, and since my alinco psu has power poles on the front along with a digital display, I put an adapter together and plugged it in, got 1.4A on low power and 3.5A on high, iirc, both at 13.8v.

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I just got one of these RA25 radios and I am not able to edit the CTCSS/DCS codes no matter what model I pick.  Can anyone help me?  I have both Retevis and Radioddity software downloaded and unable to modify (add) some local repeaters that use CTSCC/DCS codes. 


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Apparently the Ra-25 will only work with the Retevis programming software and cannot use either the Radioddity or Anytone software.

But you should be able to modify the Tones in the Retevis software:

Are you double clicking on the >> in the More column for the particular Channel that you want to edit the Tone?

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 2.12.09 AM.png

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I tried to load to the radio from the software Retevis and it tells me "Frequency is wrong!" when I try and load my list.  I tried switching the model and just to try and load the 2 frequencies that are in the software and I get Frequency is wrong.  I did get the software to let me program my frequencies for repeaters but I keep getting the same frequency is wrong message.  I have chose all the models and keep getting frequency is wrong.  I am starting to think you can not put your own frequencies into this radio.  

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