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TK-780H Programming with KPG-49D



Hi, guys.

I have a Kenwood TK-780H that I'm trying to program with KPG-49D. I realize the -780 is VHF and not for GMRS but I've seen some discussions here on the -880 which is the same radio but UHF and I'm hoping someone has the golden answer. I use this radio with our sheriff's dept and I've programmed my local ham repeater into it here in Philipsburg. Everything works fine except I can't get it to hit the ham repeater. It works on the sheriff's repeaters just fine, so I know I'm interpreting the settings correctly. I have tried altering one setting after another and dang if I can get it to key up the Rumsey ham repeater. The repeater is working, too, because I can key it with my base radio. I have the TK connected to an outdoor antenna so I know it's not a signal strength problem, and I checked it with a power meter and it's putting out power. Besides, it hits the sheriff's repeaters on three different mountains much farther away than the ham repeater so power isn't an issue. 


In the KPG-49D software I've tried setting the QT/DQT Encode and Decode to the same PL tone, and to Encode only or Decode only, same effect. Can't imagine what other setting I'm missing for the ham frequency when all the sheriff's frequencies are working. Is there a Kenwood or KPG-49D guru out there who can show me the error of my ways? 


(I tried attaching the .dat file but the site won't allow that type up file upload... If you need it we figure out a way to email or msg it.)






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