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Nagoya NA-771G finally back in stock - hurry



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Got the e-mail notification,I just placed my order


I've been happy with the 771G so far, getting more so each h-t has one


They're now offering BNC & SMA-M connector models also


I'm hoping that the NA-701G comes back in soon, I'd like to try one of those


I ordered one of the NA-701C (commercial tuning) from myGMRS to test out in the meantime

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I have not tried the https://www.buytwowayradios.com/nagoya-na-701g.html which is a 6.1 inch antenna... I have been using the Authentic Nagoya NA-771G Handheld GMRS Antenna (15.3 Inch)  https://www.buytwowayradios.com/nagoya-na-771g.html on 3 of my GMRS radios and it like having a 20-30 watt radio in my Jeep with a KG-805G HT radio..  I get 30 miles to the repeater... 


Try it and test it and if you do not like it return it... 



Is that because it's compact?  I have a 771G and it definitely outperform the stock Wouxan but dang, it's unwieldy.  

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I must tell you all that while you may get a tad more range (perhaps 5% or so in my case) when using the longer antenna, I have found the added length to be more of an annoyance than real benefit. So I have reverted back to use of the stock antenna and the shorter 701. In my everyday carry use of my radios I found that the extra inches if range distance mattered so little in practice that the hassle of the longer antenna was not warranted. I will certainly keep it in my tool box, and I will use it on special occasions, but its days of everyday carry use are over.






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I have the 771 and it's a good antenna but, as people have said, it's a bit in the way.


I also have the Smiley Super Stick 465MHz.



It can be used fully collapsed or fully extended for better gain.

Fully extended it's comparable to the 771 and works very well.

Fully collapsed it's more like a compact rubber duck.


I use it fully collapsed and only extend it when the signal gets weak .

I think it's a pretty good way to go.


BTW, you can convert your radio and your favorite antennas to BNC for quick changing if you like.

I do this on my Ham 2M/440MHz rig.



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