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rt76p program



I live in California and Oregon there are a pair of repeaters that I have access to in both states.  The issue is both repeater use the same Freq but different CTCSS codes.  What I would like to do is program 4 different channels to the same freq but different CTCSS codes.  With the programing software I can not change the the freq for the different channels only change the DCSor CTCSS codes.

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I have not used the RT76P radio or software, and can't help in that regard, but I have used the Radioddity GM-30 (~$45), and with the latest firmware update, it will allow you to do what you are trying to do with the RT76P. The Wouxon KG-UV9G (~$170) will also do this, but I haven't done so yet with the one I have. If there aren't any solutions offered that are specific to the RT76P, you might want to try one of these other radios.

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On 7/2/2021 at 9:14 PM, wayoverthere said:

I think this was the thread that was discussing this issue, and I want to say it came down to a firmware fix.



Yup, and the fix for the problems I had is in here (from that thread).  That is no guarantee it will help with the OP's issue.

"It just so happens that I have a copy of RT76P.exe version 1.45, which does allow you to modify W/N.

(I actually broke my Retevis programming cable, so I replaced it with a generic one from Amazon for $9.99 - no big issue.)"



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