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I was a U.S state department kid who grew up in Lebanon/Jordan area in the 60's. I remember we had a large console (Phillips I think) radio/turntable unit. I would sit and turn the dial around and watch the green cat's eye and see what I could pick up - mostly BBC and some others for English. I would like to kind of recreate the experience today with something for the desk top - turning knobs/dials to scan across frequencies, listening for different broadcasts during day or night, noting geographic locations, etc. I do not want to deal with an external antenna - I'll be dealing with dominant arm surgery for at least 6 months and be somewhat limited in fine motor skills.

I would prefer new if possible; if not, then recommended sources for good vintage table top stuff; preferred budget under $500. Any recommendations?

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I have a number of different radios that I use for various band segments, but don't know if any of them would fit the bill for you as they are primarily ham radios, and designed to work on ham bands, not the various broadcast bands.

You will probably want an all-band or multi-band receiver, of which there are many choices. I know you mentioned not wanting to deal with an external antenna, but having one (or more) would open up your listening opportunities by allowing you to tune in a wider range of signals.


I don't have any experience with any of these, but here are several options at various price points from Amazon:






Of the options above, the Eton receivers seem to have the best reviews, while the others have a wider mix of reviews. I think it largely boils down to how much you wish to spend, and your willingness to accept the quirks of some of the options that are out there. Hopefully some of the other replies you receive will also help you make an informed decision.

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