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Sources of RX transmissions



The other day, I turned My gmrs radio to Channel 6. There was static, sometimes constant active RX. Similar to a person in my group accidentally keying a mic. Same thing was happening on several other radios I had in the car. I made certain that they were all turned off. No other member of my group was experiencing this rx. It's almost as if my car engine was the source of the transmission. Is this unusual?? What else could be the source?

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Could be a number of things.  The car generating RF noise is a possibility.  It might have been as simple as someone else with a GMRS/ FRS radio playing around.

The fact that it was heard on multiple radios indicates that's it's certainly an external source to the first radio that heard it.


With the amount of electronics in a can in this day and age, I would vote that it was some part of the vehicle that you were in


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