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Tram 1486 upgrade to Commscope DB408-B



Anyone have experience with the Commscope Dipole antennas?

I'm looking at upgrading my Tram 1486 to the Commscope DB408-B.

One thing I like about the Dipole is the vertical beam width is 14degrees (HPBW). This is closer to 30 degrees in an Omni antenna (although the Tram does not specify, so judging from a Laird antenna spec with similar gain).  So more signal in more useful places and not so much shooting into the sky (cloud warming as they call it).

Any thoughts?


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This is for your home base station? Are you having problems hearing with the Tram? The biggest factor on improving the quality of the signal is antenna placement. Changing antenaas without changing where it is located does very little to providing any improvements except in the area you already cover.

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