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In 2013 I purchased a RadioWerx GU-16 GMRS HT. It was a Wouxun 16 channel pre-programmed radio, part 95. It could be reprogrammed for repeaters, etc. with software provided by Radiowerx.


The radio became unavailable a few months ago so I wrote to Radiowerx to see if they were discontinued or on back order. I was told that in early 2015 they will introduce a new part 95 MURS/GMRS radio made by TERA, another Chinese supplier. Powerwerx already has several TERA HTs in their catalog (see http://www.powerwerx.com/two-way-radios/tera-handheld-radios/) and I'd assume that this one is based on the 16 channel commercial radio TR-500.


As far as I know, this would be the only part 95 combo MURS/GMRS radio out there.


Merry Christmas!



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I just got a few of the Tera's (TR-505) from the Ham Outlet store near me.

So far they a working good, the battery life has been great.

I do wish they had a screen, but these are to be used with the family and kids so may be that's a good thing.

I did notice the TR-590 has a screen and 200 channels, may have look it to it.

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i work with a guy that is a Ham as well , he's got a 590 and its a very nice radio. clean, and reliable from what he says. we've both even chatted from Handheld to Handheld via the repeater over the mountain since he lives in one valley and im in another. its got clear audio.

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I have a pair of GMRS/MURS Terra 505s with the optional 15 inch antenna and they work great! I can typically talk 5-7 miles over average rural terrain of small hills and forest. Having said that I was having trouble talking to my daughter who is only 1.5 air miles from me on GMRS because of terrain features blocking the signal. I even tried to talk to her on my mobile radio with 30 watts output on GMRS. She could hear me but couldn't talk back. We recently tried the same test on the Terra's MURS channels and talked fine, so I really became a believer in the VHF frequencies.

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After a couple of email exchanges with Mark K6LED/WQXR567 at BetterSafeRadio.com I purchased one of the TERA TR-505 MURS/GMRS radios. They are on back order until sometime in the next week due to a revision to the 2 watt VHF output. (Sounds to me like a calibration adjustment issue that had to be addressed.)


It will be interesting to compare it to my Dakota Alert base station radios.

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