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3 hours ago, WROY518 said:

Im new to the hobby and have permission to join it. i have the codes but dont know what im doing 100 % . can someone tell me how to connect to the repeater? i know its a rookie question but any help would be appreciatied. 

wroy 518


25 minutes ago, MichaelLAX said:


what radio are you using?

Like Michael said, Welcome! His first question is also quite important: What radio are you using?

There are some GMRS radios, especially those sold in blister packs in "Big Box" stores (Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.), that won't work with repeaters.

As long as you're using a repeater-capable radio, you will likely get all the help you need on this forum as soon as we find out what kind of radio it is.

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Which GMRS Repeater channel and CTCSS or DCL tones?

Do you have your DB20-G ready for GMRS out of the box, or have you "opened it up" to transmit on Ham bands, too?

Did yours come with the USB programming to Microphone socket cable?  If so, have you installed the programming software in Windows?

If you hold the V/M key down and then power up, which version of Firmware (V.xxxx) do you have? Then power down.

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4 hours ago, WROY518 said:

ita repeater ready i have the radiooddity db20g and the btech 50x1. i know both can connect.


The btech already has channels programmed with the correct offsets for repeater usage labeled "Rept15" through "Rept22". Just need to make sure you're on the correct one, hit the menu button (on the mic or radio), and scroll to 'T-ctcs' or 'T-dcs', depending what the repeater uses. If it's a number with a decimal, it's ctcss...if it's 3 digits (especially with a N or I after it) it's DCS. Hit the menu button to move into that menu item, then scroll through to the correct code, and hit menu to confirm. Hit exit,and you should be good to go.

I'll have to double check the instructions for the db20g for what the menu items are called... @MichaelLAXis more familiar with it and it's anytone twin than I am

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On your DB20-G, if you push the FUN button on the radio, a menu should appear.

If you use the V/M key for UP and MAIN key for DOWN, scroll through the Menu and see if you can get to Menu 01:T-CDC with "Off" or a number below it.

If you can get into 01:T-CDC with your radio keypad, then you can use the Up and Down arrow keys above the FUN key to scroll through the available CTCSS tones to get to the specific one to enable your access to the specific repeater.  A Receive tone is not needed for now.

If you cannot get into 01:T-CDC, but it scrolls through other Menu items, then it appears to me that you will have to use the programming software to program the necessary CTCSS tones.

I continue to do research about this issue and programming from the radio, but it seems this ability is limited when the radio comes out of the box as a GMRS only radio.

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Until you identify the specific repeater, from the Map function here on myGMRS and your location in Essington, PA, it appears you are close to these repeaters:

Bigfoot443     462.725     Permission Required     Woodlyn, PA

RidleyPrk575     462.550     Tone=123.0         Ridley Park, PA

LEARN South     462.700     Tone=136.5         Chester, PA

Aston 550     462.550     Tone=131.8         Aston, PA

Aston Mills     462.575     Tone=141.3         Aston, PA

Yeadon 550     462.550     Tone=141.3         Yeadon, PA

Penn 1 PHILA     462.725     Permission Required     Philadelphia, PA

South 1     462.725     Permission Required     South Philadelphia, PA

Latino625    462.625        Members Only (Free)    Philadelphia, PA

NE Philly 575    462.575        Permission Required    North East Philadelphia, PA

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