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Repeater help please


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Hello from New Jersey. I’m a newbie who got his handheld 905G today. I know na da. Nothing is what I know. Can anyone send a in order list on how to put on a repeater please?  I found one here in nj but don’t know how to put it in the radio. I know it’s a lot but I’ll save it an move on. Please help an 80 year old veteran. 

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Oh, I see now: the other thread is you, too! They should be giving you more help there.

I understand your question to be that you want to enter the parameters for a repeater into your 905G and NOT that you want to install a repeater, yes?

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Correct. You got the problem that I have. I have no idea on how to retrieve the code. The local repeater say I’ve to sign on. Don’t know what that means as I’m signed on here when doing that.   All I have is the 905G an not that much knowledge. 
so you see I need direction only for the first try to log on to a repeater. 
thanks - bob

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