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operation of btech gmrs50x1



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Hard to tell what you are doing wrong based on the information you've provided.

If you are hitting the repeater, you should hear a "kickback/Kerchunk/Squelch-tail right after you unkey, to let you know that you're hitting it.

If you can hit it (you get the kickback/kerchunk/squelch tail) then its just a case of nobody else listening to respond.

If you can't hit it (no kickback/kerchunk/squelch tail) then, it could be a million things - I would start by checking that you have the correct channel # and repeater TX CTC/DCS tone entered in your radio for that repeater.  The repeater's "RX" or Input tone will be what you enter on your radio's TX tone setting.


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On 3/20/2022 at 2:46 PM, WROY518 said:

can some one help me .i canrt seem  to make any contacts. im not sure if anyone can actually hear me or if im connected to local reapeater. what am i doing wrong


It's very difficult for us to help you determine what you're doing wrong because we don't even know what you're doing period.

Please provide more information about what you are doing, and we will try to help you out.

For example, please describe how your radio is set up, what antenna you're using, how it's mounted, etc. Then describe the settings on the channel you are transmitting on, and the parameters of the repeater you're trying to hit, as well as where the repeater is located relative to your position and the obstructions that may exist between you and the repeater.

Once we have an idea about those things, we can give you better answers. Without that information, we would only be taking a stab in the dark and only dumb luck would result in finding the solution for you.

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