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howdy howdy! im getting this gmrs license as soon as i get my call sign sent to me, how long dows it usually take? then im assuming you can start applying for the license?


i have to say ive been looking into gmrs more and man its really taking off! i see more and more jeep groups buying the rugged package and are really happy with them.

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Guest Sal,

First you register for an FRN. That’s free.

Then you pay for your license. Only after you pay for your license does the fcc issue a call sign. Your call sign is printed on your license. 
The FCC usually notifies you (using the email address you registered with them) so you can log on and download your license. It usually takes a day or two. Then a couple days later you can update your account here. 
Good luck!


p.s. Notarubicon has a video that explains the process on YouTube. 

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21 hours ago, Sshannon said:

Notarubicon has a video that explains the process on YouTube.

I can credit Notarubicon for getting me into GMRS once again, after years in commercial and amateur radio. It was one of his videos on the new license process, and a Midland mobile. $70 dollars to the FCC via credit card, a couple of days later, I received the email with the new license. 

Then it was a couple of days and registering on this site,and confirmation maybe a day or two later. I recall some FCC database issue going on at the time, so it took an extra day somewhere in there to confirm call sign and become a member of this site.

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