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Desktop mic for KG-1000G



I am looking for a desktop mic for the KG-1000G.  The Wouxun website has a desktop mic shown but it seems to be backordered. Has anyone seen one of these available?


It looks suspiciously like the Motorola PMMN4098A: https://www.radiotronics.us/motorola-pmmn4098

Also, does anyone have the pinout details for the KG-1000G microphone connector?  If I knew the pinout, I could make a short ethernet patch cord with the jumpers to work with the Motorola, or other mics.


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I received the 005 last week. It is absolutely horrible! 
If you speak any further than about 8 inches you can barely be heard. (Yes the "gain" on the back of the mic is all the way up)
The handheld mic sounds far better!

I messaged Buy2Way and they tested and found the same issue.

I'd avoid this for the 1000g  until a fix is announced... if ever.

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20 minutes ago, kerstuff said:

Oh great. ? I just got mine from BTWR. Rrrrrr!

Be sure to compare how it sounds with someone on the far end. I expect your results will be the same.
(I expect a desk mic to  sound better than a stock handheld and not worse!)
Assuming it sounds as unimpressively as mine I'd start that return process sooner rather than later.

....I'm also getting a bit of a runaround with returning it.
No way will I be out for shipping and a restocking fee. 
Hoping they respond positively and refund my entire purchase price.
If not I will keep the mic and fix it.


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