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I've been happy with all of my Wouxun radios, but I have to agree with OffRoaderX KG935G is my favorite GMRS handheld.  Knobs are right balance between loose and stiff, display is customizable and easy to read.  The dual frequency monitoring with ability to program a secondary transmit button is very helpful.  The menu system and programming are my favorites among the Wouxun HT models.  Hope you enjoy!

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I really like this radio. It has performed above and beyond my expectations. Why does it scan funny from time to time on band A  (top) it is not the priority scan.  The chanel number won't  match the chanel being scaned and it will stop randomly and listen to a channel un squelched and continue scanning. After reviewing the settings and making sure everything is correct the only way I have found to stop the funny scan on band A is reset the radio and then it will work fine for a little while

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