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Running Node on Raspberry Pi 4/Modifying Hamvoip



Before doing anything. DO NOT USE the sd card your node is currently running on. Get yourself a blank sd card incase there's any issues, you can just pop your original sd card back in.


Files to download:

pi4.zip nodeupdate.zip template.zip


DON'T FORGET TO PORT FORWARD to the local ip address and port number used.


First use winSCP to log into your current node that's running. Open up iax.conf to get your node password.




Head over to hamvoip.org to download the newest image file.



Make sure you have Win32 Disk Imager installed. Use it to install the new image to the blank sd card. 



After it's done installing don't remove the sd card yet. Open it up in file explorer and add the 2 files in pi4.zip to it. 



You can now safely remove sd card and add to your Raspberry Pi 4. Let it boot up with ethernet cable installed for a few mins. Log into your router and look for the newest ip address/name. Mine was labeled as alarmpi

Use the ip address and SSH into it with winSCP using the default credentials. There's a few things your gonna wanna change.


Download nodeupdate.zip and copy/paste the files to the correct folders.







Next download template.zip and install those files in the correct folder.





You can now log in with putty and go through the node set up process. Change your hostname to node-XXXXX or whatever you'd like. Add your node number and password when prompted. 

After your done with the node setup you can use the menu to change your wifi. Let your node reboot.

Use winSCP to log back into your node and navigate to extensions.conf to add your node number where it says NODE = ${NODE}. It doesn't change during the setup process. 





Go into rpt.conf and look for extnodefile and change it to the following if it isn't already set.



While in winSCP hit the putty icon



When the menu pops up hit 9 to enter command line.

Change your crontab -e to run rc.updatenodelist


You should be able to connect to other nodes at this point.

Don't forget to check out the updated tone list I added in rpt.conf




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Setting up Supermon


Log into your node with putty and change directory.

cd /var/www/html/supermon


Once your in that directory your gonna wanna change the admin password

htpasswd -cB .htpasswd admin


Now go to Supermon on your ip address



Click login on the left and login with admin and your password.

Next we're gonna wanna change some settings. Click Configuration Editor


Go to allmon.ini and hit edit file. Change it to the following info with your node# to your node, set passwd= as your password you just set up.


[All Nodes]




Don't forget to hit WRITE edits at the bottom when done.

Next go to global.inc and change all the info to your info. Callsign, Name, Location, Zip


Now go into common.inc and find the section about Allstar Allmon Database, change to the following info

// AllStar allmon database
//$ASTDB_TXT = "/var/log/asterisk/astdb.txt";
$ASTDB_TXT = "/var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes_gmrs";
// AllStar rpt_extnodes file --- not present in DNS mode.
$EXTNODES = "/var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes_gmrs";
// AllStar Echolink database dump
$ECHO_DB = "/tmp/echolink.db.gz";
// Private AllStar nodelist
$PRIVATENODES = "/var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes_gmrs";

WRITE edits when done.


You should now see your node and all your stats.

If you wanna control your node from an external ip address make sure you port forward port 80 to your node's internal ip. 

Make sure you keep up with your public ip address if you don't have a static ip. Otherwise you won't be able to connect. 

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I noticed when people were transmitting I would lose part of the transmission every few seconds, sometimes the whole transmission then I would hear my courtesy tone. I noticed this when I had my phone linked in with DVSwitch while monitoring my radio. I did some playing around in the simpleusb.conf setting and found that if I changed it from log to linear my audio would be fine without issues.

To change the settings log in with putty, on the main menu hit 12 for simpleusb tune menu



After your in the simpleusb menu hit 5 then number 2


When your done making changes hit W then 0. Make sure to restart asterisk when done making changes by selecting option 13 from main menu. 

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Thanks for the writeup. We've found it very valuable. I'd like to add that in the steps to use WinSCP to copy/place the files rc.updatenodelist and rpt_extnodes_gmrs you might not have mentioned to the users to use F9 and make them executable. Otherwise they won't do anything. When logging onto your node via SSH the default HamVOIP port is 222 and the login is root/root. Also the advice "If you wanna control your node from an external ip address make sure you port forward port 80 to your node's internal ip." won't work for in the majority of cases port 80 is blocked or leads to the router page. Either do a translation like 80 external->50000 internal or add a Listen line in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to make the web server respond on 50000. Also /etc/asterisk/manager.conf needs 

displaysystemname = yes                                                         
enabled = yes                                                                   
webenabled = yes                                                               
port = 5038                                                                     
;bindaddr =   ; Local interface only!                                                           
bindaddr =    ; Not secure


I just didn't want people to get stuck. Thanks again


-Pres WRJL719/W2PW 

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A couple of other things. At the step that says "Change your crontab -e to run rc.updatenodelist", because the screenshot runs off the left edge, you can't see that there is an asterisk (shift-8) (never use the numeric keypad) at the beginning of the line. So

/5 * * * * /usr/local/etc/rc.updatenodeist should be
*/5 * * * * /usr/local/etc/rc.updatenodeist

as does the line above it for AutoSky

PS: you can make your PuTTY window look a LOT cleaner by doing the following:
In Putty, 
Window...Appearance...Font... change to 18point
Translation... Remote character set make it CP437
Session...Default settings...Save

Also update any saved sessions you may have. Actually, I don't save sessions. What I do is in WinSCP I choose
Options...Preferences...Integration...Applications... and tick all 3 (versus the default middle one) and then WinSCP invokes PuTTY.

One other WinSCP tip: if you can't "see" a file that is there (example: /srv/http/supermon/.htpasswd) then click lower right to show hidden files. 

You can edit files in Supermon Configuration Editor, but if it warns you about the file being read-only, go into WinSCP, go to the file such as /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf and hit F9 to change the properties of the file from 0644 to 0666

That's about it for now. 73

-Pres WRJL719/W2PW


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