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Wouxun KG-1000G Mic issue


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OK, I just had my second mic fail on the KG-1000G unit that I've had for about 1 year now, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue since I believe it is a "thing".    I use this radio a lot - it is mounted in my Jeep and it is used all day long for a couple of days every third weekend or so.  My first mic failed after about three months of such use.   My replacement mic just failed this past weekend (incredibly frustrating when on a group trip and I lose primary comms!).  Luckily I had a couple of backup HTs, but I digress....]

The "failure" seems to manifest itself in the PTT button losing its tactile feedback (it becomes difficult to tell whether it is being "pushed" just by feel, if that makes any sense).  This physical failure is accompanied by a deeply attenuated transmission - where people report that my voice has suddenly become "washed out" or "drowned out" by static.  This is exactly what happened the first time, and after checking everything about my install (including replacing antenna and cable) I verified it was the mic.   A replacement mic fixed the problem.

I am going to reach out to Buytwowayradios today to hopefully discuss this issue, but since I have had it happen to me twice, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue?  I LOVE this radio, but this mic problem needs a permanent fix!


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This sounds like a switch issue. Can you disassemble the mic and see how the PTT works? It may just be an assembly that trips a push-button or lever actuated switch that's either shifted or gone bad. Radio Shack used to be where I'd go to replace the switches in CB mics years ago.

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I spoke with Buytwowayradios this morning about this and they are sending me a replacement. (again).  GREAT customer service!   They are aware of the issue, but I'm the first person they are aware of that has needed to replace two mics in the year since these units hit the market.   I suspect that the PTT switch is not tested/designed to handle the number of cycles it is seeing in my hands (I tend to lead groups and will be on the radio for 4 to 6 hours several days a month).  That doesn't sound extreme to me, but its probably 2x or 4x the amount of use most of these radios are seeing in the field at this point.

I'm tempted to get a bluetooth mic as a backup (available from B2wR for $80) but I've not heard great things about the performance.

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Update on this. I received a replacement mic and it did not solve the issue. Next step is to send the radio in for testing and repair (out of warranty so it’s on my dime).

Disappointing that I’m having this issue after a year of use. I am anxious to determine the cause and get it resolved because I really like this radio when it is working properly.

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I got my radio not to long ago, programmed repeater and channels.  I began to test and was not getting any response.  I began to troubleshoot and found the jack that connects to the head unit was not seated properly.  When I would not place any tension on the cable the mic would work fine.  Any tension placed either by moving the mic to my head to talk or just the weight of the cable itself would cause the mic not to function when keyed.  I believe this is a design flaw and will contact Buytwowayreadios about my issues.

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My understanding is that these radios have a problem with the mic coming in really quiet for the first second or two, then back up to a normal volume. Every time I use my KG-1000G someone on the other end reminds me of this. 

I also hear it myself with the 2 other guys I know that have these radios. It's really annoying. Not sure if your issue is related to this but it is a thing with these (expensive) radios. 

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