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Programming Vertex Standard EVX-5400



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My experience is similar to @wrcu527 . I have some vx4200's in play, and the date workaround works on those.

No experience with an evx mobile, but I also have a couple evx handhelds, and those are a bit harder. On the handhelds, once they're programmed for narrow, a recovery tool needs to be used to restore wideband, and then the export version of the software will be needed to program and stay wideband after recovery, as the us version will force narrowband


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I have not programmed the 5400s but I have programmed the EVX-531 and 534. They appear to use the same software.

If you want wideband software I would highly recommend that you download the international version. That is what I did.  That software allows both wide and narrow without any funky date setting. If the radio was programmed in the US already it might be "locked" to narrow band. I have found two ways to get around this. First is the wide band recovery tool from vertex.  The second is to just upload a factory profile that comes with the CPS International Software.  Open up one of default code plugs for that radio, turn it on, hook it up and write to it. Don't read the radio first.


I have also found the factory cable works 10 times better and allows you to upload current firmware where as the clone cables do not.  I did this all on a Windows 10 and Windows 11 machine.

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