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HELP....Only Receive a short signal burst and no voice


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Ok...I am new at this ...I have a 25 watt mobile unit in my vehicle with proper antenna attached. I am in an area where a great repeater is available. However, when within only a 5 or 6 mile distance from that repeater I can only receive a short signal burst from others who are on the same freq/code. I think thy can receive me ok because they attempt to respond. But, as I say the response is only a short signal burst and no voice.  I am well within that repeaters range....proper repeater channel and codes set accordingly. What is going on? Why can I not hear the voice response?

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5 minutes ago, Randallm6 said:

....just asking ..why would I delete the RX code when the open repeater calls for it....i.e. 141.3 input and output. Why would that help?

Would disabling Tail setting help?

Tail setting won’t help.  Deleting the Rx tone opens up your receiver so it will pass anything it receives regardless of the tone.  

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