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My set of UV-5G's do not allow automatic audable transmisson after DCS is set.



I am setting up my HT's to use a local repeater. Prior to setting the codes automatic audible monitoring was working just fine. After setting the correct DCS codes the HT's went silent accept when I hold in the monitor button. The radios do let you know of active transmission by changing screen color and illuminating the transmission indicator light jut no audible feedback. This is an obvious problem because neither user would hear the other unless they were holding in the monitor button. What did I fail to do/not do? I have not found the user manual to address such an issue.

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8 minutes ago, MichaelLAX said:

Could you explain what you mean by automatic audible monitoring?

Sounds to me like you are using the wrong codes; perhaps inverse instead of normal. 

Which repeater?

I am attempting to use the Memorial repeater in Houston. I checked and re-checked the codes to make sure they were correct and matched on each HT. "Automatic audible monitoring" when the radio is in stand by it keys up and allows the RX to sound thus allowing me to here what is being said. Thanks for the response.

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32 minutes ago, OffRoaderX said:

Could be...  Watch this video:


Yes for sure I must be experiencing this and getting confu!@ed lol. I love your videos Randy. I also discovered the problem this morning on my mobile Radioddity DB20-G without the presence of my HT’s. I went to the forum as you predicted at the precise time at which I was about to become frustrated because all my radios are having the same problem. Unfortunately I am now to far from the repeater to do a radio check. Earlier today with much excitement because I finally had the proper codes I was calling for radio checks on my mobile but probably did not hear any responses because I had the RX/DEcode enabled on that radio also. I am getting into the car now to drive closer to the repeater in an attempt see what else I must be doing wrong or to confirm you with your infinite wisdom have set me straight. Wish me luck!

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4 hours ago, OffRoaderX said:

Try removing the RX/DEcode tone.. both DCS and CTC (if any) and lower the squelch level a few clicks and see if that makes a difference.

Done. All radios I have removed RX/Decode and audio feedback has returned thank you I also lowered the screech to 3 for good measure. All I need to do now is have a confirmed connection on the repeater with another user. I will keep you posted.

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5 minutes ago, OffRoaderX said:

My guess is you have the wrong tone OR have the TX and RX reversed.

Yes I am with you its the wrong code. I just now found an old post from 2 years ago on The Texas GMRS Network talking about correct DCS codes for the network repeaters. Two of the repeaters have very close codes the difference being the last 2 numbers being transposed. I feel this must be the problem I’ll keep you posted. Im not going for another trip into town tonight to test this will wait till tomorrow. Thanks for your help Randy and keep putting out those video’s I love your humor!

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16 hours ago, Link6950 said:

I also discovered the problem this morning on my mobile Radioddity DB20-G without the presence of my HT’s.

On your Raddioddity DB20-G (excellent choice!):

Go to Channel 23 (or 23S), which is the repeater pair for 462.550/467.550 and there should be a "+" sign (for the proper GMRS upshift split) and a "H" for high power

Press the FUN button

If you are not already seeing (at the bottom of your screen) 01:T-CDC OFF, use the V/M button as an UP and the MAIN as a DOWN and run through the menu items to get to Menu item 01 as indicated and it should say 01:T-CDC OFF

If you now press the MON button, it will scroll between 5 choices:


OFF, 62.5, 62.5 edit, 000 N sp:0; and 000 I sp:0, and then back to OFF again.

Using the MON button scroll to 000 N sp:0

Using the Up Arrow button as UP and the Down Arrow button as DOWN, scroll to:


XXX N sp:0.    [deleted code after OP was successful; changed in photo below too]

Press the FUN key to get out of the MENU (it should return to one of your two VFO's probably 145.0000 on the bottom of the screen;

When you hold your transmit button down, in addition to the screen changing to 467.550 with a "+" and an "H" in between there should be a "DT" (for your programmed DCS tone) and the 10 dashes should light up RED

This programming change should now be stored into memory so that when you power down and then power back up, Channel 23 will always transmit with this DCS tone and should access the Memorial Park repeater for you when you are in range.







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Thank you for your help!

The last two numbers on the code I was given are transposed. I fixed that problem and this morning made contact with the repeater and Mark a gentleman I have been listening to who I think is a moderator or something for the Texas GMRS Network. I informed him of my findings so the problem does not persist for others. He copied a strong signal from me many fars from the repeater (20+ miles). Yes, now that I have the main repeater I plan to use working for me I like the DB-20G (small, and loud speaker).

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