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LMR400 and lightning?

Guest Len919

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I need to mount a cell phone booster antenna 60' above my cabin.

(The cabin is on the side of a mountain and if I get my antenna 60' off the ground I'll have cell signal again). 

I'll be using a yagi style antenna and LMR400 cable to come back down to the booster. 

I want to mount it to a tree. But.. Thought I'd ask.... Does this create a significant lightning risk? 

Thank you


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Any tall object is a lightning attractor. If there are other taller trees around it it is still a risk -- lightning could run down a tall tree and then jump to the antenna (it may appear as a better path to ground).

Install a "lightning arrestor" with a GOOD ground connection -- though they don't stop an actual lightning strike; they work on EMP and induced surge currents from a nearby lightning strike, a direct hit would likely melt the coax and the arrestor, and merrily go on to the rest of the cabin wiring. Better to disconnect and ground the antenna coax itself when storms are nearby.

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