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RG58 solid vs braided core



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7 minutes ago, bd348 said:

I noticed that most of the commercial-grade antennas for sale seem to use solid core cable.  For mobile I'd assume that stranded would be better.  So in the long run, for mobile use, how well is this stuff holding up?

Are you asking about the center conductor or the shield over the dielectric?

If it's the center conductor it doesn't make much difference unless the cable is being flexed frequently. This could be an issue with a trunk or engine hood mounted antenna, especially the trunk mount, in which case the stranded center conductor might hold up better. If the antenna is mounted on the roof IMHO either one is OK.

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6 hours ago, bd348 said:

Center conductor.  Eg. RG58 A/U vs RG58 U.  I find mag mount antennas for each.

I've had solid wires break eventually for automotive, so I'm surprised that the antenna vendors are using small solid conductors for their antennas.

In an automotive application vibration might be a factor that could fatigue a solid conductor if it's allowed to move around a bit and not adequately secured.

Also consider that the cable running from the pole to your house for cable TV is a solid conductor. Those cables hang up there for years with few problems.

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Also remember most antenna cables in a vehicle are mounted and stay in the same location for years. A NMO Mount in the roof or trunk is going to be in the same location and not move around much. Radios are normally mounted with wires tied into harness's in many commercial PS applications. In my 30+ years in the field I have yet to see a broken antenna cable that was properly installed in a vehicle. 

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