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I bought a UV-9R PRO for my son because it was cheap and advertised as fairly waterproof. It has a different sort of a belt clip that uses a plastic "button" that is screwed onto the back of the unit that slides into a separate belt clip. First, the button screw came unscrewed. Then after Locktite-ing the screw, the plastic "button" broke off and now this unit is useless to me. At least it was cheap...

The more I send out radios with my son to run around with his friends with, the more I like the original UV-5R:

  • cheap
  • small
  • light
  • flexible antenna
  • sturdy clip
  • takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'
  • did I mention that it's cheap?
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Would a pouch in lieu of the clip be feasible?

I got a 2 pack with a belt loop for $20 off of Amazon, which also included shoulder straps (which I don't use)...have them attached to my backpacks. Looks like the ones with a clip are a little more...


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