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more marine than ham, buuuut...

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Yep, it takes an FNB-80Li battery, which fits something like 10 different Yaesu, Vertex and Standard Horizon radios, including the VX6/VX7. I saw one at a thrift shop once without a charger and it looked like it spent most of its life submerged in saltwater, but it still powered on.

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15 hours ago, wayoverthere said:

Yeah, it's kind of a mishmash...kind of like going to goodwill. There's an icom 718 on there tempting me, but it's at almost $400, untested.

Also a pair of part 90 icom radios, 450-520 range


Those ICOMS are a solid GMRS radio. If I can figure out how to get registered think I'll at least bid on them. 

Many dont realize goodwill is a huge for profit company. Its not salvation army.

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